They say that what you resist persists. Resistance to what is happening in our life, makes us attached to what we don’t want and it drains our energy.
I thought of a practical example being a rip tide (current). It you try to resist the current and swim back to shore the tide will fight you and it will win. However if you allow the current to take you and you swim parallel to the shore eventually you will swim right out of the current and the ocean will take you back to shore.
Resistance to what is, like a rip tide, wears you down and doesn’t change what is. Resistence is the drama, it stresses you out, so you become an emotional wreck. Resisting what is can actually escalate the pain and frustration that you are feeling.
Instead stop resisting, stop the drama, and drift with what is happening, and keep looking for the break that allows you to “make a change in yourself”. When you change your response, you stop resisting,and then what you are resisting will change. It’s making tiny small course correction changes that keep you angling towards the shore looking for the break, that allows you to break free.


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