We all have these gifts to give others. The gift of time; the gift of listening; the gift of graciousness and respect; the gift of laughter; and the gift of a smile.

Everyday I try to smile to everyone I see. If I talk with someone, I try very hard to just listen and not get caught up in the trap of thinking what I am going to reply. I am sure that most everyone tries to do these things each day to the people that come into our lives.

I have a question though – when was the last time that you gave these gifts to yourself? 

Did you give yourself time today to do nothing?
Did you meditate and listen to your inner wisdom?
Did you give yourself the gift of graciousness and respect or did you have negative self talk about your appearance; about something that you did that didn’t turn our perfect?
Did you laugh at yourself today? This in itself makes me smile as I think that we all have those days in which we hope no one just noticed what we did because we are embarrased – why not laugh about it? It is really freeing.
Did you look into a mirror today and smile and tell yourself that you are a wonderful person? You should!


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