“Resistance always bites the hand that feeds it.” – Guy Finley

What are you being called to do that you are resisting and why are you resisting? Negative thoughts or reactions are fueled by resistence. It is you not only listening to the negativity but it is also you accepting its judgment. Don’t listen to the negative voice. It is just a road block – walk around it and keep going towards your dreams.

Become aware of the calling. Listen intently. It is your soul calling to you. It is your hearts desire calling out for consumation. Instead of running away, meet your limitations and walk right past them. Answer the call. It not you, then who?


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Lemonade Makers turn tragedy and adversity into triumph! This is your place to discover and get involved with the people, projects and organizations that are working to make a difference in their communities and in the world! Raise awareness for your cause, project or organization and discover what others in your community are doing to create a better world. Making a difference is as easy as visiting the Lemonade Makers Community page, promoting your story or project and witnessing its growth as more and more people become aware. Alternatively, you can explore ways you can contribute to the projects of others in your local community and around the world!

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