“When you affirm big, believe big, and pray big, big things happen.” – Norman Vincent Peale


Belief is so important. I think that most of us realize that. But it is what we do with that belief that determines what happens next.

Is is a silent belief and prayer that no one knows about? Or is it a belief that you excitedly tell everyone you meet?

And what happens when you tell someone that downplays the possibilities of that belief? Do you step back from it or do you plough right on tilling the ground and planting seeds?

And what happens when you meet someone that takes that belief and like a balloon that was barely filled with air, makes it into a giant hot air balloon that it ready to take you to the mountain tops? Do you back away, afraid of the size of the dream? Afraid of the heights that it will take you to? Saying to yourself, I’m not ready, or good enough to make a dream of that size come into the world?

What do you do with your beliefs? Do you shout them out into the mountains and the canyons and listen with estatic happiness when they echo back to you? Or do you whisper them into your pillow or to your friends that also whisper their dreams back to you – the same ones that you and they have had for 20 yrs?

You can dream big, and pray silently for them to come true, but to make big things happen you have to believe big.

Big beliefs that drag you forward into the world making the big things hapopen. You ask for help in bringing the dream into reality. You look for people to partner with to make it happen. You take big steps. And then BIG things happen. Amen.


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