Find The Good

“Find the good in what they said or asked. It’s always there, even if they didn’t mean for it to be there. Sherlock-ly yours, The Universe”

When someone says something that hurts, or is advice that I don’t think is good for me, basically anything that my mind and heart immediately rejects I have this process that I go through.

Sometimes it just takes a few minutes, and for the deeper things it may take a few hours, but I always look for what was true in what was said. I believe that everything someone says to me has some truth in it that I need to hear.

I have found this to be true even when someone lashes out at me because of something that they are going through. There has always been information that I needed.

I believe that I can learn from the mistakes that others make of what not to do, or how not to handle a similar crisis in my life – I don’t have to touch the fire to know it will burn – I can learn from not only my mistakes but those of others too.

So dig through the hurt and find the pearls of wisdom and reject the rest and know that if they could have said it in a better way they would have. They just didn’t know how to say it any better through their own hurt and pain.

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