Mark Twain once said, “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.”

So how do we learn to worry less? It is really about surrendering to the experience of worry in order to transform the worry into a higher vibration of positive energy.

When we worry, we have these internal arguments that seem to be about “something bad” is going to happen. Someone who has an illness is going to die; I am going to lose my job; my spouse doesn’t love me anymore; the list is endless.

Some are major worries and some are minor.They do however all have something in common. No amount of worry will change the situation. Worry stresses the body and accompishes nothing positive.

So what can we do about “worries”? For example, if a loved one is going to the store and will be about 20 minutes, at 21 minutes I might have them dying in a car accident. I might think that I am worrying about their safety

What I really need to do is to go beneath that unconscious trigger and determine what my worry is really about. How would I go about doing that? The first thing to do is to notice that you are worried. Let go of the worry and enter into a state of wonder in your mind.

Wonder is asking questions that you are curious about. I would ask myself, “I wonder what new positive thing is trying to come into being?” Instead of arguing with the worry, transform the vibration from negative to neutral. A neutral, natural curiosity vibration of “I wonder why” I am worried about he/she taking longer at the store than they thought.

Feeling deeply into my body, I would,focus on the feeling of worry and where the worry is coming from. From the lower root chakra of safety and survival? From the heart chakra of how much I love this person? See if the body can express what it feels into words. Don’t try to force it or make something up. Simply notice and stay with the feeling, as it continues to run like a computer search program in the background. Either now or later it will express itself into words. I find that at night when I am dreaming, I will get the answer in my dreams. I believe this is because my conscious mind isn’t blocking or aruging with the answer.

Once this feeling has a context to it beyond just worry, take that feeling back in time to when you felt just like this feeling. Keep tracing the feeling back to a time where it wasn’t labled and identified as a particular emotion, just a feeling that you didn’t really understand. That is where that feeling was born, before you really understood the concept and labled it. Maybe it was a feeling of abandonment.

Once you identify this feeling, work with DYBO and recognize, release and restore yourself to let go of the low vibrational feeling from your body. DYBO is a BraveHeart Women program that helps us to move stuck emotions. In this case the stuck emotion that is triggering your worry. You learn to dance your buts off – not the butt you sit on, but the buts you live with. Worry is one of those buts that we live with. I am amazed at the amount of transformation it has made in my life. Let me know if you want more information about it!


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