We have the habit of thinking that change is hard, because we think of change as being a huge undertaking. We think of losing 100 lbs instead of just replacing the candy bar with a delicious piece of fruit; we think of adding exercise as running a marathon instead of just replacing 10 minutes of watching TV with a walk around the block.
Subtle changes create an avalanche because they are small shifts here and there until the weigth of the change becomes a tipping points. They are easy to do and you will be surprised by how much change can happen, seemingly overnight – the proverbial overnight success came from a practice building in momentum until the avalanche roars down the mountain.
I encourage you to think of what subtle changes you can make that will shift you and thereby the world to a happier, healthier place to live.

Today’s Lesson in Ease: Momentum
Subtle changes made consistently along the way contribute to Momentum. Small subtle shift in the inner hidden base of a snow-covered mountain create the necessary Momentum for an avalanche. I now choose to consistently create subtle shifts along the way.
~Ellie Drake~ BraveHeart Womnen


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