Ben Willans fundraising memorial page

Hearing that your young child has ‪#‎cancer‬ is something that most of us will never hear. Being blindsided with Stage 4 of any kind of cancer is the worst kind of diagnosis.

A parents worst nightmare is happening for this family in England. Judy and Brians 4 yr old boy Ben was just diagnosed 4 weeks ago with Stage 4 ‪#‎Neuroblastoma‬ and is undergoing a very aggressive chemo treatment. The treatment has only a 30% success rate and because the UK doesn’t have protocol treatment for a relapse treatment, the family is raising funds to bring him to the United States.

As ‪#‎LemonadeMakers‬ our heart breaks both for this family and the hundred of others who have children battling cancer. Nearly 700 children are diagnosed with this aggressive cancer each year in the United States before the age of five.

So I am encouraging you to remember those in your prayers who are fighting for their children s lives, like Ben’s family. This is a cause I contribute to because cancer has taken many of my family members, and I have several relatives that are cancer survivors. So if you feel called in your heart to contribute to their fund, I have the link below.

Keep fighting Ben – as prayer warriors we are praying for you and your family to keep strong.…/showFundraiserProfilePage…


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