Good Samaritan

Loving this Good Samaritan. Firefighters in Tacoma, Washington were buying groceries to make dinner when they received an emergency call. Leaving their groceries they rushed off to their call.

When the emergency had been taken care of, they went back to the grocery store to pay the bill and pick up the groceries. Instead they found their bags packed, the bill paid and a note:

“Enjoy your meals. Thanks for All you do! One veteran to another… God Bless.”

So they in turn posted this to their Facebook page:

Central Pierce Fire & Rescue
Fire Protection · October 25 at 3:59pm ·
Our crew from Station 66 was buying dinner at Safeway when they were dispatched for a CPR call. When they returned to complete the sale, an anonymous caring person had already paid for their food. Whoever you are out there from the Safeway at 132nd at Meridian at South Hill, thank you so much for your generosity!!


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