Teachers Are Amazing People


Teachers are amazing people. This article reflected 11 different teachers and what they do above and beyond. One of them is a teacher that we featured last month, Chris who spent 10 minutes each building the children’s self esteem.

The photo is of a row of lockers that the teachers painted over the summer with names of new and old classics book spines. They wanted the kids to have something special to come back to.

Elizabeth Miranda of the Philippines might just take the cake for being the most dedicated teacher ever. Each and every school day, she walks two hours through jungle and crosses five rivers just to reach the students in Sitio Barogonte, an extremely remote village.

And you thought your commute was bad. She’s the only one close enough to be their teacher, so she had to find a way to make it work. And she has.

Click on the link to see more great stories of teachers who are real hero’s.

See more: http://www.upworthy.com/11-times-teachers-totally-blew-us-away-with-love-for-their-students?c=upw1&u=7a530ec3d3ee2591ad9c3e88c1f09024d932956d


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