Happiness is the Truth

Our feelings and emotions can at times be overwhelming. I remember when my mom passed away, that in the evenings I would get deluged with emotions of missing her, being mad at her for dying, hurting so much that I just crawled into a ball and cried until I couldn’t breathe.

Like a person surfing the waves, we can learn to ride these overwhelming emotions. We may crash and fall off our board, but we can choose to get right back on and ride the next wave. To me riding the wave is allowing the emotion to flow right through us, just as the wave reaches the shore and dissipates into nothing.

I think the reason that grief or anger can get us stuck in these emotions, is because we don’t allow the emotions to flow through. It then gets caught in a rip tide that we fight until we are exhausted. When we battle or wallow in the emotions, they will keep circling around us, until we are so exhausted that it beats us into the sand.

Allowing the emotions to pass through helps us to heal from the hurt. We recover much faster, and we can begin choosing good memories to dwell on. We can progress into appreciation for the time that we had with what we have lost. The truth is that we haven’t really lost anything. People and things come into our lives, serve their purpose or reason for being there, and then move on to the next thing. The important thing is that we had them in our lives for the time they were with us.

When we have a bad memory come up, we can just ride the wave to the shore and then consciously allow it to fade into foam. As the last bubble of the foam pops, then it is time to let it go. Then we can consciously decide that we want to raise our vibrations up into higher levels out from the sadness, grief, or anger. We can start attracting good feelings into our space. We always have a choice, even when we think that we don’t.

Taking a few deep belly breaths, placing our hands on our heart, and consciously reaching for something that will help us raise our awareness into something positive. I always think of the laughing baby when the dad tears the paper video or cute kittens and puppies, or a favorite song like Pharrell Williams “Happy” song.

It’s a great idea to have some images, songs, poems, movies, etc…, in your tool box so that when you need to raise your vibration, you know how to do it quick and easy. As the “Happy” songs says, “happiness is the truth”.

The heart knows a thousand ways to speak

When I look at this quote and picture there is such a bond between the dog and child. You can just feel the energetic connection. Our pets sense our needs so well that it seems as though our hearts are speaking to each other.

I remember as a child I would hold my dog Snoopy and sometimes just cry out my frustrations. I felt like he was the only one who I could talk to about my problems. I knew that my dog was never disappointed in me. He was always happy to see me. I think that he is the reason I remained sane in an sometimes insane childhood.

Our hearts don’t just pump blood throughout our body. They also have their own nervous system that can process information just like our brain. It also is a hormonal gland, producing among others the hormone Oxytocin, also known as the love or bonding hormone.

The heart actually plays a major part in determining the quality of our emotional experience from moment to moment. The heart appears to play a key role in intuition. Although there is much yet to be understood, it appears that the age-old associations of the heart with thought, feeling, and insight may indeed have a basis in science.

So the poet Rumi’s words of the heart knowing a thousand ways to speak is actually true as our heart functions speak to every sense that we have in our body, speaking to our body even more than our brain does. As a source of wisdom, spiritual insight, thought, and emotion it proves that Rumi’s words may well be more than simply metaphorical.

Power to Change

“Since what other people do to you is not in your power to change, you need only concern yourself with what you do to yourself, for that is in your power.” – Guy Finley

As women when we get an emotional hit, the vibration of the emotion is fast moving through our body. As it moves, it slows down to a speed that allows us for form a thought of what this emotion is trying to tell us. So a thought for women is actually a slowed down emotion. Once an emotion has been slowed down it becomes a distorted emotion (because it is no longer vibrating at the correct speed), and this slowed down distorted emotion, creates a negative thought.

Most of us tend to get overtaken by our feelings and reactions to the negative thoughts. We believe that someone or something else is causing us to be unhappy, Instead of giving away our power to be happy to another person or possession or belief, we have the power within ourselves to change the negative thoughts.

Instead of resisting the negative thought, what we need to do is welcome the thought with a vibration of nonattachment. Just open the door and say hello to the thought, completely neutral. When we do this we are retraining our hypothalamus that just because I have a negative thought doesn’t mean I have to go down into negative energy. I can remain in ease and nonattachment, and just allow the thought to go on its way. No harm, no foul.

I think that this is what Guy Finley is talking about, from a woman’s point of view. I can’t change what others do or say. The only thing in my power is my reaction. I can just welcome the thought in and let it go on its way, with no drama, no story, that is what is in my power and in your power. Because my reaction in any other way just puts negativity into my life. I am essentially punishing myself for something that I had no control over – what someone else did or thought or didn’t do or think. How useless is that?

It is in my power live a life of ease and grace, and if you really think about it, if someone is trying to hurt me, isn’t that the best revenge? No reaction, just me being happy


“The appearance of things change according to the emotions and thus we see magic and beauty in them, while the magic and beauty really are in ourselves” – Kahlil Gibran

This explains why we can read a book today, and again next week, and again the next week, and see something different in that book than we’ve seen before. It is not just that we changed in some way and so now a different part of the book is speaking to us. It is also the emotions that we are bringing to the¬†table when we read it.

This explains how two people can witness a beautiful sunset, with one not noticing and the other moved to tears. The emotional state of each person serves as a filter through which they view the world. If you are not seeing the magic and beauty of the world around you, then you aren’t seeing it in yourself either.

If you find yourself in this state, then you can take notice of where you are on the emotional scale and then work on increasing your energetic state up the ladder one rung at a time. We all have an emotional or vibrational set point that we return to. It is a middle point that we return to. For example if you are continually feeling emotions between rage and contentment your emotional set point is somewhere around worry, doubt or disappointment. I am sure that most of us can think of someone who is always worried about something. No matter what great thing is happening in their life, they return to the fear of losing it or messing it up somehow.

Our set point is how we attract like people into our lives. This is another way we can determine where our set point is, as they will be a rung above, below or at our own set point. By using a method like the emotional freedom technique (EFT or Tapping), we can change our set point to a higher vibration. By changing it incrementally we can make this change a permanent one.

So if you are feeling the emotions of being overwhelmed, you wouldn’t go from that vibration straight up the ladder to enthusiasm. Rather you would go up the ladder to frustration, irritation and disappointment. Don’t stay there but continue going up the next rung to pessimism, then to boredom which is neutral. The next rung brings you into the positive emotional vibrational scale of contentment. Which is the top scale of the person who is a worrier. So if that fits your set point, you might want to continue up to hopefulness, which is the next rung. Or the rung above that one which is optimism.

Isn’t it wonderful that we can change the way we view our world simply by changing our emotional state? Emotions are just information about where we, and this built in guidance system is how we determine when we are out of alignment with our ‘higher self’. If you aren’t seeing the magic and beauty in the world, there isn’t something wrong with us. We just need a ‘tune up’ to realign to ourselves. To embrace that we are worthy, deserving, loveable, loved, loving and a brilliant eternal being.


“Patience – the gift of being able to see past the emotion” – Rodney Williams
Strong emotions take away clear thinking. They make us panic and think that we must do something now! When you learn to scuba dive they talk to you about breathing. Because when you panic you hold your breath. If you are diving and you hold your breath, you can create an embollism that will kill you. Remembering to breathe will save your life.
When you are in a situation with strong emotions you forget to breathe. While you may not create a life and death situation from not breathing literally; your panic can. When my sister was in the hospital years ago from a car accident there was another guy there. He had skidded out of control and stopped at the edge of the cliff, teetering on the edge, but not over. He panicked and opened the door on the wrong side, and without looking stepped out into air and fell to the bottom of the ravine. The vehicle never did go over. He was paralyzed with a broken back.
We need to be in control of our emotions and the easiest way is to breathe. We may think that we don’t have the time and must make a decision now! But just breathe, take back control and see past the emotion that is threatening to over power you. Don’t step off the cliff, just breathe until the emotion is under control and then decide. Patience is control of the emotions.