It is up to us to be a prisoner of our past, by remaining in it; or to be a champion of our future by building it. If your life path was to travel from one of these formations to the next one and so on to the end, how would you do it?
You could climb down and walk to the next peak and scale up and repeat over and over again.
Or, you could become a bridge builder.
Neither way is wrong or right. Just different choices. We could for sake of argument take opposing viewpoints on the better, faster way to walk this path. We could discuss how those that follow us would make better speed with the bridge. Or how scaling up each peak would define us, and make us stronger.
But at the end of the day, the analogy is that each of us has our own path of divine destiny to walk.
Rainer Maria Rilke said, “The purpose of life is to be defeated by greater and greater things.” I love this. This is the synopsis my most recent experience of the past year.
For many years I knew that in my journey in life, I was having one foot on the gas, and one foot on the brake in accomplishing my goals. The pattern began when I was four years old and I walked in on my mom having sex with a man that was not my father. What I took from this experience is that it wasn’t safe to be seen.
So I spent years of my life trying to be invisible, and it worked. Thus one foot on the brake, and one foot on the gas. Every time my foot on the gas caused me to be close to my goals, I slammed on the brakes and hid.
I worked on this and in the past few years thought that I was no longer being invisible. I had widened my circle of comfort and felt that I had my foot off the brakes. Instead of hiding in crowds I am very social. I speak on stages to hundreds without fear. But the chameleon quality of this life pattern came to my attention this past week.
I had been trying very hard to get my website completed, and I realized that I was again driving with one foot on the brake. In the past 6 months I have been the hold up. I am expanding my comfort zone and that invisible foot was being slammed on the brakes. I was being defeated by a “greater” thing.
Many teach that we came into this life to have a certain experience. Mine seems to be dealing with this pattern of foot on the brakes, when I am pushing hard on the gas to accomplish a goal. Now I recognize it has chameleon like qualities. I know that when I feel like I am not progressing towards my goals, I have to go looking for that sneaky lizard.
This life pattern is my GAP – Gods Area of Preparation. This is where I learn about new ways that my life pattern has shifted, and I learn new ways to build bridges to close that gap. Can you see GAPs in your life pattern? Do you see where you need to learn to build bridges to close off the gap to get to your destination?


Being Wise

Being wise beyond our fears, means recognizing that the true directions of the heart, require no words. There is simply a knowing inside. It just feels better, when we go in the direction of the heart. When you make the decision based on the hearts guidance, you feel the weight of the decision slide off your shoulders. There is no second guessing.

When you say the words that only your soul has dared to whisper to the heart, that is when miracles happen. The declaration, both verbal and written gives notice to the divine that you are listening. Listen to your dreams. When your world is too filled with noise, that may be the only way that you souls whisper can be heard by the heart.

John St. Augustine said, “Let your heart be your guide on all things, but you have to listen closely because it speaks so softly.” Each whisper of the soul to your heart speaks of the next leg of your journey. There are times on your journey when experience and reason tell you not to follow that path. Your mind sees the risks and wants to play it safe. But you have to give it a try.

When you don’t listen to the whispers of the soul to your heart, sooner or later, that whisper turns into a scream. When the whisper has turned to screaming in desperation, it is usually a sign that your life is about to shift into some sort of test. This comes about because instead of listening to your own heart, you are playing it safe.

It is so easy to become focused on others instead of ourselves. We get pushed and pulled in all directions by our work, our friends and our families. When those that we are surrounded by see us listening to our heart, they get scared. Changes that you make in your life, will impact theirs. They are afraid of many things, but primarily that you may out grown them. That you will leave them behind.

Don’t let their fears break your soul. They may try to expose what is wrong with you, in an attempt to stop you from listening to the heart. God has put into our hearts intuition to guide us to what we need. Follow that guidance. When you do, you will know it because your heart will be at peace. Even the most painful and difficult decisions are correct, if the heart is at peace with it.

Be wise beyond your fears and keep heading towards your glorious destiny.


Our prayers go out to this poor family and the tragic murder of this beautiful boy. I totally agree with Brittni Lasuramore who said, “You don’t think something like this will ever happen to your family, ever,” Brittni Lauramore said. “I don’t know one person that could ever imagine something this horrible happening.” This is the thought that I think that everyone probably has, when you lose a loved one to violence, no matter the age.
My nephew was murdered almost six years ago, so I have some experience with how long the road is ahead of them. This month is his birthday and we still constantly think of him and miss him. I wish them peace in their hearts, and hope that they can grab onto the joyful memories. I hope that since his killer is going to plead guilty, that the justice system will be swift in providing them with some sort of closure.
They are having a vigil Thursday at 6 P.M., in the church near where they found his remains. Lighting candles to guide him on his new journey.
We wanted to acknowledge the generosity of the V. Todd Ferreira Funeral Services, who have offered to pay for Lonzie’s funeral. The families have known each other for years and this is something that good friends would do for each other.
But V. Todd Ferreira Funeral Services makes this offer for every child. “As long as I’ve been in business, I’ve never charged for a child. Ever,” Todd Ferreira said. “This is no different.” What a wonderful gift they have been giving to grieving families.
“What is important to us is Lonzie and his family, and that’s what we are committed to,” said Todd Ferreria. “And to giving him a special goodbye. One that he deserves.”
Ferreira is working with Lonzie’s family to plan the funeral and burial and said relatives from both sides are of Lonzie’s family are involved in the process.
Ferreira said he believes that the funeral will be open to the community, so that all the people who poured their hearts and souls into searching for the toddler will get to pay their respects and honor him

Macclenny funeral home to bury Lonzie

What does the term, “the sky’s the limit mean to you?”

What does the term, “the sky’s the limit mean to you?” For me, it is where the comfort zone meets “what else is possible?” It is an extension of “what is possible”, that is beyond what “normal” is for me. All limitations are put on us, by us accepting them. The sky is not the limitation, I am.

We see these limitations in our professional life, our personal life and our spiritual life. Some of these limitations come from our culture, through the “roles” we play with our friends and family. When we go on a hero’s journey, the walls that we have built around us, to limit us, get torn down.

When you take any really great story, you find within it what Joseph Campbell called the Hero’s Journey. The main character is going through a “normal” or boring life. Nothing much is happening.

Then there is a call to adventure – something new is introduced into the characters life, which alters the hero’s destiny. At first the hero refuses the call to adventure – this isn’t for me. I can’t get involved. This can sometimes be because the hero knows that the role that you play within your family, or tribe will be forever changed once you cross the threshold.

Then the hero encounters the mentor – someone who gives advice and gets him ready. It could be someone supernatural, mystical or angelic. The hero crosses the threshold – leaves home and enters into the adventure.

There are tests, allies and enemies are encountered in the journey which teach the hero a lot about him or herself. Plan A and possibly Plans B and C fail, as the hero experiences setbacks and has to rethink how to proceed. The hero has faith which leads them to access higher levels of knowledge and abilities to meet the tests with.

The hero sees their limitations and ultimately has to defy and defeat them in order to pull through. The setbacks all lead to the ultimate crisis of life or death, where the hero struggles to complete their destiny.

Now the hero gets the reward – they have won out over the enemies. Many times the loses are mourned even as the victory is celebrated. The hero begins the journey back home, forever changed by the journey. The old limitations of what the hero thought they were capable of have changed. They have been forever transformed.

I believe that we all take numerous hero’s journeys. We take them in our personal lives, our professional lives and our spiritual lives. We take small journeys and we take “dark night of the soul” journeys. Each time we need to transform our lives, we take a hero’s journey. We reinvent ourselves, we improvise, adapt and overcome our self made limitations. We get creative, we become flexible and adjust as we experience paradigm shifts.

Bruce Lee said, “There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” So don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon. Use your imagination and creativity, to discover that the possibilities of your world are limitless.


If you don’t build your own dream, someone else will hire you to help build theirs.” (Tony Gaskins Jr. and Farrah Gray are both credited with this quote.)

This is so true and what most of us are stuck in, building everyone’s dreams but our own.

Many years ago when my kids were in the range of grade school and Jr High School, I was working for a mortgage company in the Seattle area. One day the boss had all of us in an emergency meeting. Walking around the room, he spoke about how he felt that the year we were in was going to be a very good year for mortgages, but that the following year would see a downturn in our industry.

Getting more excited as he walked around us, he stated that he was mandating mandatory overtime on weekends. It was critically important he said, that he make as much money as he could that year. The important thing was that he wanted a new Porsche. He felt that next year he wouldn’t be able to afford to buy one, so it had to happen this year.

Needless to say, this didn’t go over very well with his staff, as we were all looking at him like “what did he just say?”. I was floored that he would be so bold as to tell us that the sole reason why we should be working overtime (when we were paid a salary and not hourly) was for his personal gain. He wasn’t too happy when I told him, that he could fire me if he wanted, but I was not going to be working every weekend – mandatory or not.

Most of us started working in order to fulfill our dreams. The reality is though, that this isn’t what happens. We get caught up in the day to day grind of getting a paycheck that always seems to fall short of what we think we need to fulfill those dreams. So the dreams get put into the “someday” pile that becomes buried and becomes the forgotten pile.

For me, I had the dream of writing bestselling books. I would read the mystery, the science fiction/fantasy book or the self help book and think, “I could write this”. But I was always so busy working, taking care of the house and children, that I thought, “well, as soon as the kids are gone, then I will write.” The kids are all gone, and other than the LemonadeMakers blog and Facebook, my writing the Great American Novel or even the smaller mystery book still isn’t happening.

My dream got put on hold, and I can’t seem to take it off – I think that the Staples “easy” button isn’t working right – who do you call to get if fixed?.

Farah Gray has another quote “You are confined only by the walls you build yourself.” This quote got me thinking about how it was never that I didn’t have the time. Because if that was all that it was, I would have written those books that we all know that I have in me. It was and always has been about the self confidence to put myself naked on the page. It has always been about fear of not being good enough, of failing and being a flop. About what if people picked my stories apart and ridiculed me?

I had built the walls myself that separated me from achieving my dreams, that separated me from even trying to do so. I still have a box of stories started but never completed. Well I am getting ready to tear down those walls of separation.

Through a series of events, I have been getting the message loud and clear, that I need to get out the pen and paper and start writing. I am going to follow the advice of Steve Jobs, “don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice.” It is past the time to pour my soul out onto the paper. The worst that can happen is that you throw the paper in the trash.

It would be great if some of you were brave enough to join me as a demolition crew and tear down the walls that we have been hiding behind. What dreams do you have hidden behind a wall? Is it time to start tearing down your walls too?


The wolf howls at the moon, not out of loneliness,
As he knows he is one with the universe.
He howls out of gratitude to be a member of the pack.

He remembers those he has traveled with in past lives,
He sees those he is traveling with again.
He rejoices in his vast community of souls, knowing that he is truly never alone.

The great spirit has honored the wolf with a voice that sings out in the darkness.
He honors the great spirit by singing to us, “Do not be afraid, for you are not alone”
“I am here, and I remember you even if you have forgotten”.

Like the wolf I sing out to you, through my words on a page I say,
“I remember you, for we have traveled together before.”
I honor you that you have come again to do the great work before us.

Call out together with me as we gather our relatives that have forgotten their purpose.
Call to their minds our scared agreement to meet at this time and place.
Whisper to them of the great love we have for each other and their hearts will remember.

Gather around as we the bridge of knowledge and understanding.
This bridge will unite all peoples together in love
This bridge is shifting our world into a new age of unity, love and trust.

We are one,
One love, I love us
One trust, I trust us,
I honor our sacred agreements, I am here.