Taylor Swift Pay it Forward

Last year some frat boys totally nailed the Taylor Swift song, Shake It Off. Their You Tube went viral and she said she would get them tickets to her tour in 2015.

Sure enough when she reached Kentucky, they received two tickets each to all of the Delta Sigma Phi – Beta Mu boys.

Now here is the good part, no make that great part. Instead of going to the concert with dates, they donated all of the tickets to the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Bluegrass. Truly a pay it forward. The kids had never been to a concert before. Truly something that those kids will never forget. You can see how each of those kids as adults will remember how happy and excited they were, and they will pay it forward when they are older.

These boys are Lemonademakers.

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Potter It Forward

An easy to do idea of paying it forward. There is apparently a “Potter It Forward” movement out there that has Harry Potter fans leaving thoughtful inspiring notes in libraries and second hand bookstore copies of the Harry Potter series.

I thought why should we limit it to Harry Potter books or Harry Potter fans? As adults we all had our favorite children’s and teen books we read. What if we put inspirational notes in those books for the children reading them? For the current NY Times bestsellers that we are reading or just finished – what if we put something inspirational in those books?

My favorite Harry Potter quote is “it takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends” – I actually think it takes more bravery to stand up to our friends. That could be a great quote for kids facing peer pressure.

What was your favorite book, either as a child or one you just finished reading? Can you think of a famous quote that might be inspired by the book? Or maybe a quick thought of something wonderful you learned when reading the book?

Next time you are shopping for a book in a store, or checking one out at the library, take a moment and write a quick quote or note and slide it inside a book. It will be like finding a fortune cookie for the person reading the book – tell them to pass it on to someone else in their life they think could benefit from it. Start a movement and make someone smile.

Two hands working together

Redeeming the world sounds like a pretty humongous goal. We all look for ways to give back to our community, to ‪#‎pay_it_forward‬. Social enterprise is something that we can participate in whether you want to enhance your own business into a social enterprise or spend your consumer dollars supporting the businesses who are a social enterprise.

If you were to make a list of businesses who are looking to redeem our world, who would be on that list? They are known as ‪#‎social_enterprises‬ and some may be well known and others you might not recognize. We encourage you to take a look and consider doing business with these social enterprises, who are working hard to redeem our world. There is a link at the end of the article for the Social Venture Network’s list. I am sure that googling can find even more companies.

More and more businesses and organizations are stepping up to ‪#‎giveback‬ to society. There are two ways they are paying it forward, through contributions to charities and through having a business that doubles as a social enterprise.

‪#‎Charities‬ fill one kind of gap being filled of, “the give the man a fish”. They come to a problem with advocacy and policy changes. There is no money to be made in work of most charitable foundations. When there is a natural disaster, they can mobilize and get working much faster than social enterprise can.

With social enterprises, we have the gap being filled of “teach a man to fish”. They believe that what they create needs to create a deep and lasting impact. They want the beneficiary of their work to benefit long term. It is geared towards delivering long-term sustainable changes. They do this by commercializing the skills that the individual who needs assistance learns. They look at the problem and see how they can fix it at the best possible price, and maybe even get paid for the solution.

What we are advocating is the combination of the two hands working together. The right hand – without passion, without compassion, without drive we can’t create social change. The left – without advocacy, without policy, we can’t create social change. I don’t think the right hand or the left hand is better than the other. Combining them together just makes sense, many hands make short work as the saying goes. Sharing resources, values and working together we will serve the short term assistance that is needed and put things in place to see lasting long term change.

We saw this in our post a few weeks back. A college girl saw a short term need with the homeless in Detroit – it was cold and they needed jackets and sleeping blankets to keep warm. She took her skills and created a sample sleeping blanket that converts into a jacket. She then applied for a grant, which she won. She then taught and employed several homeless women to sew the jacket/sleeping blankets. They then had sponsors with local businesses to purchase the jacket/blankets to provide to those who needed them. The charity got the grant and sponsorship’s and provided the needed jackets/sleeping blankets. The social enterprise was created by her employing the homeless to manufacture the jacket/blankets.

We need to think outside the box of how things have always done. Everyone uses the once a year fundraising format. They have the
charity runs, the silent auctions with dinner, or the annual golf tournament. This just makes raising funds way to hard and too much work.

Instead lets think outside the box and look to innovate to create something new, different, and then apply a business model to it so that the service provided becomes self sustaining.

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Pay It Forward

At 17 yrs old I was planning my wedding and moving to Seattle. I didn’t have a thought about creating an empire or making a difference in the world.

At 17 yrs old Madison is paying it forward partnering with various charities around the world, donating items from her footwear and clothing lines. She also is teaming up with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums to support its Saving Animals from Extinction campaign, by donating a portion of every sale to help protect some of the world’s most endangered animals. She is at 17 yrs old, already a well established LemonadeMaker.

What are three things that you would do with your money if you were a teenage millionaire?

When Madison was 7 she came up with designs for flip-flops featuring sea creatures. Her designs in the past 10 years have evolved into entire footwear and clothing lines. With over $1M in sales, she has already has her entire college education paid for.

At 14 yrs old when she saw a Tweet that Nordstrom was looking for new product lines, Robinson wrote a letter to a buyer at the retail giant, which resulted in FishFlops being sold in 64 Nordstrom stores by July of 2012.

I printed an application about a month ago to start writing articles on a pretty major site – it is still in my to do box because of my procrastination about being a “good enough” writer to be on their site. She has inspired me to be more confident in my ideas and dreams and get the dang thing filled out and apply to be approved.


See More:  http://kwhs.wharton.upenn.edu/…/fishflops-style-inspires-o…/