This is so true. I remember when my mom passed away, that in the evenings I would get deluged with emotions of missing her, being mad at her for dying, hurting so much that I just crawled into a ball and cried until I couldn’t breathe.

Like a person surfing the waves, we can learn to ride these overwhelming emotions. We may crash and fall off our board, but we can choose to get right back on the ride that wave. To me riding that wave is allowing the emotion to flow right through us, just like the wave reaches the shore and dissipates into nothing.

I think where grief or anger can get us, is when we don’t allow the emotion to flow through, but rather it gets caught in a rip tide that we fight against until it exhausts us. When we battle or wallow in the emotion, it keeps it circling around and around us, until we are so exhausted that it beats us into the sand.

Allowing the emotions to pass through helps us to heal from the hurt. We recover much faster, and we can begin choosing good memories to dwell on. We can progress into appreciation for that time that we had with what we have lost. The truth is that we haven’t lost anything. People and things come into our lives, serve their purpose or reason for being there, and then move on to the next thing. The important thing is that we had them in our lives for the time we had.

When we have a bad memory come up, we can just ride the wave to shore and then consciously allow it to fade into foam. As the last bubble of the foam pops, then it is time to let it go. Then we can consciously decide that we want to raise our vibrations up into higher levels out of sadness, grief or anger and start attract good feelings into our space. We always have a choice, even when we think that we don’t.

Taking a few deep belly breathes, placing our hands on our heart, and consciously reach for something that will help us raise our awareness into something positive. I always think of a laughing baby, or cute kittens or puppies, or a favorite song like Pharrell Williams Happy song.

It’s a great idea to have some images, songs, poems, movies, etc…. in your tool box, so that when you need to raise your vibration you know how to do it quick and easy. As the song says, “happiness is the truth”.




I really think that how each of us lives our lives, is the message that people see.
When you preach something, people may put you up on a pedestal. You become famous, and everyone looks up to as an example, but the problem with that is you are guaranteed to fall off at some time. You can point to anyone who is in the public eye as being famous and see how this happens.

None of us are perfect. It is better to simply live the best life that you can. Keep walking the right path for you, not someone else. When you walk your path, you accomplish your divine destiny. This encourages others to strike out on their own path of divine destiny.

We all came with different goals to accomplish in our lives. When we are hurting, it is because we are not walking the path we came here for. We need to reach inside ourselves and get back on our own path.

To me it is like a pair of shoes. Several of us may have size seven feet, but that doesn’t mean that once I have broken in a pair of shoes that you can walk comfortably in my shoes. My feet will not have the same exact shape, even though we may be the same size. I have a different pattern of walking, and I will mold the shoe to fit my foot. It will then not really “fit” anyone else comfortably who wears a size seven shoe.

In the same way, we each have a different divine gift that we came here to express. If you just follow any path, it will lead to your being hurt. The universe will direct you again and again to the correct path, but if you don’t stay on it, it will hurt. Not that you may necessarily lead a life full of trouble. You would most certainly however, lead an unfulfilled life. And that would hurt, in that you would always be looking for something that you can’t find.

So the best way for us to be fulfilled is to walk our own unique path, and encourage others to walk theirs. There has been a lot of talk lately about what a hero is. To me, we are all hero’s when we step out onto our own path. It takes great courage to walk away from the masses and basically strike out on our own. But that is the inspiring life – both for ourselves and others