The Question

Quoted from Insight of the Day: “Dan Kennedy said, “The failure to act is much more often the product of inner, emotional resistance than external resistance. To move forward you must give up your story, whether it is excuses about your childhood, lack of education, your ‘bad luck’, your unsupportive family, your low metabolism, where you live, etc., etc.”
Ask yourself “The Question”:
“Where you would like to be and have known you would like to be but aren’t?”
You must identify the causes of your internal resistance. Ask yourself “Why?” you want something but refuse to act in congruence with achieving it.
Identify what is holding you back.
Release the brakes.
Change a life today – starting with yours.”

If your personal purpose, professional purpose, and global purpose are not aligned, then you will have resistance. All three need to be congruent, running alongside each other in order for you to successfully accomplish your purpose. Just like the rowers in a race, the oars all need to be in unison to make any progress.

The stories that we adopted as children can show up in surprising places as an adult. I had an experience when I was a young child where I walked into my moms room and surprised her in bed with another man. Shortly thereafter my parents divorced. My story was that it wasn’t safe to be noticed or “seen”. If you drew attention to yourself bad things would happen. So every time I became successful in a job, I would sabotage that job and run away to a new one. It took me years of work to finally put all of the pieces together and figure out why I was doing this.

We all have these variations of stories that we cling to, because they are known and our ego tells us they keep us safe. Some are from what was a major event to a child, and some are from something so minor that as an adult it astounds us that we have this belief formed out of misconceptions and the misunderstanding of what was happening around us. Some are just mantra’s that we heard as children that formed a deep seated belief internally that we may not even realize that we have.

What I know is that if we ask the question and just sit with it, surprising beliefs and thoughts will surface. And if we keep sitting with it asking why, and going deeper into the well, we will discover the incongruency and once we do, we can release that emergency brake and go full speed ahead to our destination.


“Any action we may take that’s created by resistance within us to something unwanted in our life ensures only the continuation of a nature so asleep to itself that it can’t see the difference between always trying to escape a prison, and not entering into one in the first place.” – Guy Finley

This reminds me of the saying,” we have seen the enemy and he is us”, which came from all things a comic strip. I have come to appreciate that whenever I am resistant to something, it means that I am in adrenalin and I need to stop and step back. The resistance means that I am either pushing for something to happen or pulling away from something that I am afraid will happen. Either way, the resistance is an indicator that I am going in the wrong direction.

When I am creating from a space of ease and grace there is no resistance. It doesn’t mean that life is always easy with everything flowing into place, or that life is never hard. It just means that I am not painting myself into any corners, or putting myself into a self created prison.

Any resistance is a sure sign that I am not on purpose with something in my life. When this happens I go back to the foundation, which is my personal life. If my foundation isn’t correct, it will mess up my professional life and my global purpose. My professional life is based on a balanced personal life and fuels my global purpose. In other words, if my personal life is screwed up, it follows that everything else I do comes from trying (unsuccessfully) to escape a self created prison (my personal life).

When my personal life is on purpose, it causes my professional life to be on purpose. When what I try to create comes from being in touch with my life’s purpose it always flows strong from that foundation. A successful professional life is what creates fuel to achieve my global purpose and which in turn fuels me to have a successful personal and professional life. I believe that it is absolutely all connected.

Whenever something is wrong in any part of my life, I go “back to the beginning” (one of my favorite quotes from Princess Bride from Inigo Montoya – since I started from the comic strip it is only fair to end with a great fantasy movie) and look to see if I am coming from the adrenalin lifestyle and if so, I need to go back to basics. Take a deep oxytocin breath or two or three, and look to see where I have allowed drama and static back into my life. I pull those cords, release the tension and rebalance back to a state of ease and grace.

That is the really cool thing about the essence of our character, once we realize how the trap is created, we can refuse to enter the self created prison cell in the first place. And we can end with the GI Joe quote, “knowing is half the battle”.

Flames of Resistance

“Agreeing to walk into the “flames” of resistance is the only way to find real and lasting freedom from their illusory nature.” – Guy Finley

Smoke and mirrors – that is what resistance is. Our mind is putting up the things that we are afraid of, to keep us in the same comfortable space. Whether we would be successful or fail, it doesn’t care – because either way we will experience change. And our mind hates change – period.

You are shown a wall of fire, which is the fear talking. As you psyche yourself to walk through it, the flames expand from a small barrier to take up the whole hillside and your mind is screaming to run. You can feel the intense heat, hear the crackling of the flames as it races down the hill towards you and you start coughing from the smoke being blown towards you. You know it isn’t a real barrier, but to our limited vision at the moment, it feels all too real. 

But if we can take a hold of courage and walk through the illusion of fire, on the other side of the “fire” is flow, fresh energy and the knowledge that you need to succeed. Want to go on a “firewalk” with me?


“Resistance always bites the hand that feeds it.” – Guy Finley

What are you being called to do that you are resisting and why are you resisting? Negative thoughts or reactions are fueled by resistence. It is you not only listening to the negativity but it is also you accepting its judgment. Don’t listen to the negative voice. It is just a road block – walk around it and keep going towards your dreams.

Become aware of the calling. Listen intently. It is your soul calling to you. It is your hearts desire calling out for consumation. Instead of running away, meet your limitations and walk right past them. Answer the call. It not you, then who?


They say that what you resist persists. Resistance to what is happening in our life, makes us attached to what we don’t want and it drains our energy.
I thought of a practical example being a rip tide (current). It you try to resist the current and swim back to shore the tide will fight you and it will win. However if you allow the current to take you and you swim parallel to the shore eventually you will swim right out of the current and the ocean will take you back to shore.
Resistance to what is, like a rip tide, wears you down and doesn’t change what is. Resistence is the drama, it stresses you out, so you become an emotional wreck. Resisting what is can actually escalate the pain and frustration that you are feeling.
Instead stop resisting, stop the drama, and drift with what is happening, and keep looking for the break that allows you to “make a change in yourself”. When you change your response, you stop resisting,and then what you are resisting will change. It’s making tiny small course correction changes that keep you angling towards the shore looking for the break, that allows you to break free.